What Can I Expect When I Make an Appointment?

What exactly IS counseling? 

Counseling is a process that generally helps to increase a person's awareness about the source of their problems and helps them find ways to deal more effectively with feelings, behaviors, relationships, and life issues. Talking about these things is a personal experience that's different for each person and therapist.

Treatment approaches vary among clinicians and it is important that you find a therapist who has expertise in the issues for which you are seeking treatment. It is also very important to find a therapist with whom you feel comfortable and connect well.

I view my counseling role as a partnership with you--one in which you have invited me to come alongside you to help you become aware of the strengths you already have and to support you in activating those strengths as you seek direction, gain insights, sort out feelings, clarify thinking, and make changes or adjustments in your life. how does this work? 

Once you have reviewed the information on my website, you may have additional questions, or you may feel ready to schedule an appointment. Feel free to call or send a request through my contact form (see the "Contact" page). I will answer any additional questions you may have and help you set up your first appointment.  

When we meet for your first visit, my hope is that you will feel like you are chatting with a trustworthy friend in your living room. Bring in a cup of coffee and make yourself comfortable. I'll begin by explaining more about the counseling process and confidentiality. I'll also ask you for some description of what you'd like to address with me and what your counseling goals are. As we chat, I'll begin collecting some background information about you and your circumstances. This first stage is called the assessment process, and it usually takes a couple visits to complete.

When you show up for an appointment or sign in for your telehealth visit, I may be finishing a session scheduled before yours. Please make yourself comfortable in the waiting area, or hang tight in the virtual wating room, and I will greet you as soon as I am ready for your appointment.

Some examples of things people want to address with counseling

General Anxiety
Social Anxiety
Panic Attacks
Grief and Loss
Anger Management
Self-esteem problems
Relationship problems
Communication skills
Conflict resolution
Work related stress
General Stress
Personal growth and enrichment
Post traumatic stress
(Kristin is EMDR certified) 

Adjustment to various life changes:
new baby, new job, a move, transition to college, transition to retirement, loss of a relationship, etc

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